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Steve North, the Comedy Coach, offers a complete learning/performing environment for beginning and advanced comedians.

Literally hundreds of happy clients have exploded in standup comedy by learning Steve's "Comedic Character Method." That's just another word for that particular and unique way YOU are funny. Just like our faces, we all have different comedic attitudes and personas.

Rather than learning to be a COMIC - someone who says funny things, tells jokes and may get two nights in Moline, you will quickly learn to be a COMEDIAN - someone who is a funny person, with a good chance for sitcoms, films and an HBO special.

Is it for comedians? "You bet," says Steve. "We stress the theme or focus of your comedic attitude and character, rather than jokes. If you think of your favorite comedian, most likely it's not a joke that comes to mind, but rather a feeling about their personality or attitude. How is a casting director going to put you in a TV show or movie if you just throw a bunch of jokes and observational humor at them. We train people to be a living character based on who they really are. Standup comedy is 'conversational acting,' not joke-telling."

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Whether you're beginning or advanced, whether you're doing it for fun or profit, Steve North, the Comedy Coach, offers the most nurturing and dependable environment for ongoing learning and performing.

There are currently three levels of ongoing performing workshop groups. From private one-on-one coaching to performing in "Thursday Night Live" in front of an audience, Steve North offers the most complete comedy training available.

The Norths have placed members of the Standup Repertory Company in numerous club dates and TV pilots and shows. Approximately 75% of the members of the Company have acted or performed in TV shows, as well as many club and convention dates. "Obviously we can't guarantee work through us, that's just something extra we try to help out with," Steve says.

The Thursday Night Live show offers casting directors and agents the opportunity to quickly see 8 or 10 comedians in less than 70 minutes.


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