"Steve North is simply and totally the best coach in the business and I should know, I've tried them all. He understands comedy like no one I have ever met. His theory about the comedic character and the "blind spot" is the key to success in comedy. I am so thankful that I found him. I attribute the growing success in comedy to what he has taught me. I recommend him very highly: five star rating!"
- Henrietta Komras

"Best comedy coach  in the business."
- Carole Montgomery

“Superb! Steve started me in standup by coaching me on the phone from home! I now perform in lots of comedy clubs and many events. I feel like he saved me years of time.’
- Jack McCallen

"Steve’s extensive experience on stage makes him stand out from other coaches who haven’t been". And when it comes to helping you put together a television or showcase set, I call him ‘Dr. Set.’"
- Eric Schwartz, aka Smooth-e

“I must wanted to be funnier in life and in my business presentations. A few phone-coachings and simple comedy formulas later, I’m 300% funnier. Bottom line -- I sell more exercise equipment,, and also score more (wink-wink).”
- Ben Avison

“I was ripped off by two other coaches and a school before finding Steve. He’s been successful in Hollywood at performing and writing comedy and really understands everything that goes into it. He taught me great, and still let my personal style come out.”
- Twila Aaronson

"You are the best comedy coach I've ever seen or heard of.. I think you are an incredibly gifted person / comedy coach and have allot of compassion for people, their dreams and the realization and actualization of those dreams into reality."
- Kevin Reid

"Steve North has helped me discover who my character is and how that character interacts with an audience. Writing my material with Steve is a delight. He has a great comic mind."
- Marty Ross

"There is definitely a science behind successful comedy, and Steve North coaches comedians on this art by defining and perfecting their comedic character, as well as revising and reorganizing their material for maximum effectiveness."
- Gordon Limtiaco

“I have been knocking around in clubs for a while in the Pacific Northwest, but when Steve coached me via phone, and got my “Comedic Character” my act exploded. - grew faster in a month than last 10 years."
- Working Comedian( asked not to be ID’d)

"Steve understands comedic character which develops a strong POV. He is consistently great in his coaching and I always look forward to going to his class every week."
- Chantel Rae

"With his decades of experience and comedy expertise, Steve has the uncanny ability to see things about your comedic character that you haven't seen yet or have been under utilizing, and Steve's skill at helping you develop and focus what is already there will save you, quite literally, years of time."
- Dave Seivers
"I've had an act and material for years, Steve not only to helped me make sense of it all. Thanks to his classes, I've moved beyond being just another funny face in the crowd."
- Gary Rolin

"Steve's Coaching is some of the most brilliant comedy advice you will ever receive. Every art form requires skill, and Steve will teach you the skills you need to be a successful comedian."
- Love Machine

"Since I started doing private coaching with Steve, I moved to about 2 different levels in less than a year. I'm now getting great road gigs and have gained more confidence on the stage. His character approach is key to being a successful stand-up comic because once the audience "gets you" you can do no wrong and they will laugh at almost anything."
- Grace Fraga
"Steve's great sense of humor and experience in comedy helps students find their comedic characters' voice."
- BC

"First phone call I make when I have to put together a set for a showcase or TV spot. Steve’s is the "Mister Myagi" of Comedy. YOU get funnier and Steve gets his cars waxed!"
- James P. Connolly

"Steve North is the Mister Good Wrench of comedy. He can craft a joke out of just about anything. If there's a hint of a laugh, Steve will expose it."
- Jonathan Thymius
"When it comes to the art of teaching comedy, Steve North is THE MAN. He teaches the whole package: creating the comedic character, writing, performing and developing a killer showcase set...there is no substitute. I highly recommend him for comics of all levels and abilities."
- Jay Hewlett