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I've had great results coaching people all over the world through telephone sessions (Skype Available), whether it's to start a career in standup comedy or to be funnier in social and/or business situations. 

We get started by focusing on a few simple, easy-to-learn formulas, and on what I call your Comedic Character – that unique part of you that is funny like nobody else.  To learn to be a great comedian or to just be funnier socially, you have to discover that theme and focus first.  It's like knowing what "house" you're going to live in before buying a bunch of furniture.”

If you’re learning standup comedy, we will probably write 5-7 minutes of material, based on “who you are.”  Many people have successfully launched their standup career this way on the phone! After a few sessions, some people visit LA do a live session with me, and perform in our “Beyond Standup” Show in Hollywood. 

You will learn about being a funny person rather than someone trying to tell jokes, how to make presentations memorable.  You'll get some great terms and formulas to use in everyday life – socially, for business, or anywhere you interface with people.  The good news is you get homework that is fun!  Practicing newly learned comedy formulas in your everyday life.   Like anything, comedy is a “muscle” that develops as you “work out.”  You just need  to know what exercises to do.

Looking forward to making you Funny!

$95 USD  1 hour
$60 USD ½ hour

3-session discount package for $250 USD, and a 4-session package for $335 USD. Many  people do well with the structure of a regular set of sessions.

COMEDIANS!! Find Your Comedy Character
Get that “break-through” you need --I will watch up to a 6 minute set, make notes, punch it up + one hour live session -- $135 USD

E-mailed Gift certificate from you for 1 hour phone or live session -- $99 USD

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Brook Forest Entertainment, LLC
22647 Ventura Blvd, #422
Woodland Hills, California, USA, 91364


Brook Forest Entertainment, LLC   22647 Ventura Blvd, #422   Woodland Hills, California  91364
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