Barb and Steve North give seminars all over the country.
From corporate America and small business to colleges, retreats, organizations and various other events, the Norths can design a seminar, training or workshop just right for your group.

Entertaining and informative, the North's seminars help professionals, amateurs and just dabblers learn the art of comedy, learn to loosen up or just to have fun.

If it’s comedy/humor training you’re looking for, or just a positive team building and skill enhancing experience for your staff, then the Norths have the answer.

Not only is humor compatible with business, but according to studies, laughter and fun contribute to higher ambition, initiative, low turnover, increased sales and loyalty among customers and employees. Herb Kelleher, President, Chairman, and CEO of Southwest Airlines said “ Who says a lighthearted approach to business is incompatible with success?”

According to The Wichita Business Journal:

  • Using humor in the work place reduces stress and builds a healthier, more productive team.

  • Humor breaks tension, builds rapport and a sense of camaraderie, getting a better response from those to whom you sell or for whom you provide services.

  • Humor can help diffuse aggression, overcome adversity, aid in a positive approach to challenges, and keep an office environment upbeat and focused.

Barb and Steve North have conducted groundbreaking trainings and given entertaining skill-based keynotes on the use of humor in management, marketing and sales for corporate meetings for over 20 years to consistently rave reviews.

Looking for Trainings, Coaching and Keynotes in Communication, Conflict Management, Customer Service or Mediation that are both Life Changing and Entertaining…. Then look no further. Check out Barb North at

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